Mission Statement

Our company vision is to continue serving Texas families well beyond our 20 year milestone.  We are dedicated to offering same-day appointments with our highly experienced providers in an effort to minimize wait time.  Our focus on personalized relationship driven service for the entire family motivates us to share in an exceptional patient experience every single visit. Our goal is to restore the quality of life in each of the families we serve to build stronger communities.
We have five primary values that are based on our vision and provide the foundation for everything we do:

Team Members
Integrity and Ethics
Service Excellence

We value and support our team members.  We strive to attract, develop, retain and motivate the most talented, caring team members who work together as partners across departments and functions. We like to say that we hire for attitude and train for aptitude. We provide the tools and training that team members need to succeed in their work. We say “team members,” not “employees,” because our people are resources to be invested in, not expenses to be managed. Our culture is about plural pronouns — we, us, and ours — instead of I, me, and mine.
Honesty, trust, and integrity are essential for meeting the highest standards of care.  As part of the medical industry that is rapidly changing, our team is empowered to modify and adapt quickly to each unique situation without sacrificing patient privacy and company ethics. 
The company mantra is centered around service excellence.  Our team members base their contributions on a successful patient cycle and therefore, understand the value that each of them brings. Together, we work toward restoring quality of life in each of the families we serve to build stronger communities.
When our patients surveyed reveals an exceptional experience every single visit, we have carried out our vision.  When our team members feel valued and respected for who they are as well as for the skills and experiences they bring to our company, we have carried out our vision.  The natural result is a company and individual leaders in our community.
We express our personal commitment to our families in many ways.  One way is loyalty, which is demonstrated in recommitting ourselves to unite in common goals within this organization that strives to create a balance between the work that we do, to enhance the way that we live.

Building Historical Presence

Bastrop F.A. Orgain Memorial HospitalNewspaper ClipDr. BrysonNewspaper ClipNewspaper ClipF.A. Memorial HospitalNewspaper ClipF.A. Bastrop Memorial HospitalNewspaper ClipThe Office of Dr. Sammy Lerma III 2004The Office of Dr. Sammy Lerma III 2016The Orgain House